Car crashes rise in tax week

Fatal car crashes rise an average of 6 percent during the week that
taxes are due, according to 30 years of statistics analyzed in a
Journal of Medical Association study. The increase in risk is similar
to that found on Super Bowl Sunday, a day notorious for drinking and

The findings suggest a variety of feelings associated with preparing
and paying one's taxes (including stress, irritability, impatience and
distraction) result in unsafe and aggressive driving. It makes sense
that late nights preparing tax forms, fretting about getting them
right and, of course, making timely payment could affect people's

This year Tax Day falls on Tuesday, April 17th. You should be
particularly cautious driving this whole week.


Senate blocks Obama plan for 30% tax rate for millionaires

The U.S. Senate, by a vote of 51-45, has blocked consideration of the
Buffett Rule, a key initiative by President Obama to require
millionaires to pay a minimum tax rate of 30 percent. Republicans kept
the measure from receiving the 60 votes necessary to allow the Senate
to open debate.